"Heavy-hearted feeling pounding inside the heart?"

I'm worried..
What's bothering him?
Is he sick?
Is he too tired?
I know he's having some issues..

He cried the most yesterday..
And I remember that he said he is not feeling well..
"Chest pain.."
"Heavy-hearted feeling pounding inside the heart?"

This is heartbreaking..
I can't even look at him..
He looked very sad and emotionally disturbed..
But I knew he is the master of disguise..
He successfully hiding what's inside of his mind and his heart just because he don't want people worry about him...
He even said "my personality has always been the strong and powerful type,you guys all know that"..
But deep inside him, there is a weak part of him..

It's okay..
This is life..
Life is full of ups and downs..
But no matter what it is I will always supporting him and his fellow friends..
Yes, you can trust my words.. 
Believe me as you believing them..

2 コメント:

ashie023 said...

siapakah ini???
jeng jeng jeng

support the fellow members also..
or i will be so heartbroken..

..: nurafaz :.. said...

jung min... the most cheerful person..seeing him crying..
others crying also... erm...

he scare...
the fans become fewer and fewer..

but whatever it is.. i believe the leader's word..

"TRUST and LOVE"..

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