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OK, I just knew that Sony Music Malaysia will give 2 free CD's if people blogging about their Facebook Fan Page.
Macam tak percaya je, senang-senang nak bagi orang free CD. And guess what "BLOGGERS, there are no limit of people that can join. there won't be 'winner's. anyone who blog bout it can get the 2cds AUTOMATICALLY" . This is what they tweeted just now. OMG OMG!!
Excited gila ok!!

Dahla poket tengah kering kontang nak beli cd, jadinye ambil jer lah peluang yang ada. hohohoho.. Anyone wants to join you can read all the details here.

 (sadly, can't go for Brian Joo's 1st Fan-Meeting in Malaysia.. sobs)

OK, as ya'll know, I am sooooooo into KPOP, hohoho...
So nak cd apa? Brian Joo or 2PM? ohh there is Jay Chou.. I love TPOP also.. ahhh there is Kelly Clarkson, I love her, the only American Idol that I like.. weeheeee..

Cam pelik kan, aku ni nama je orang Melayu, tapi cam tak berminat artis Melayu/Malaysia.. hahahah..bukan tak berminat, just not my thang ok.. But before I am so into JPOP, KPOP, TPOP or anything kind of POP, I like Malay Music too like KRU (OMG memori zaman silam tu weh) hahahah and so on..

So, about this Sony Music Malaysia Facebook Fan Page, you can get so many info from there. Sometimes if you're lucky you can win free CDs, merchandise, movie passes and premiums, showcase passes (super awesome) and "Meet & Greet passes" (even more awesome!)!. Nak menang apa-apa rajin-rajin lah visit ok. Ermm, don't forget to follow their twitter account ok.

I hope Sony Music Malaysia will do this kind of thing more often. (aiyoo tamak betul lah.. just nak bagi orang lain peluang utk menang juga.. kekekeek) One more thing, rajin-rajin lah komen kat FB fan page tuh, coz they are too friendly and always responding the comments. Mesra alam lah katanye.. hehehe

Lastly, Thanks a lot to Sony Music Malaysia for their very generous heart, kekekeke.. you rocks!!

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