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Kim HyunJoong-SuAe to Act in Movie ‘You are Pet’. Original Japan comic made into popular drama, Movie will premier next year April.

‘Flower Boy’ Kim HyunJoong and SuAe from movie ‘The Sword With No Name’, will act in romantic comedy ‘You Are Pet’.

‘You Are Pet’ is a story from the 14-series comic in Japan which sold over 6million copies after its publication. It is about raising a boyfriend like a house pet.

It has been made into a 10-episode drama by Japan TBS station in 2003 with average viewership of 15% (equivalent to 30% in Korea), making a big hit at that time. In Japan, Matsumoto Jun aroused attention from the public for his role in this drama.

Kim HyunJoong’s role is the main character Kang InHo grows up in a female dominant environment, while learning ballet, he knows well what he can do to be able to be loved by females. Even though he is a promising classic ballet dancer getting recognition internationally, he ran away from home to the disappointment of his family.

SuAe’s character is Ji EunEe who is a reporter at a general media firm and takes on a job of a simultaneous translator after work. She had conflicts with her boss and was demoted to take care of monthly female fashion magazine instead. She started her cohabitant life with Kang InHo with ‘Owner and Pet’ relationship.

Production company Ludens said that this movie would likely to premier in April next year.

Riding on ‘Flower boy’ syndrome Kim HyunJoong and ‘pure and innocent beauty’ representative SuAe, they have gathered attention both locally and in Japan to see if they can drive this ‘Pet syndrome’.

**tak dapat aku bayangkan Kim Hyun Joong bawak watak 'Pet' tuh. Tengok Matsumoto Jun bawak watak tuh je aku cam dah jatuh chenta. Comel giler!!!!! KHJ menari ballet??? Camnela rupenyer ek? Kita nantikan tahun depan ye =)

November 4, published in the B03 column about Kim Hyun Joong and SuAe will participate in the movie “You are Pet” and all related news, had received the company notice stating that is not true. Hereby make a clarification.

*ape daaaa..main2 plak, tapi kalau betul jadi pun bagus jugak nih.

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HuRuL_AiNi said...

uwaaa...serius????biar benar????

tapi aku x dpt bayangkan si hyun joong bawa watak mcm pet tu, sbb watak tu should be very the comel & the manja2 & the main2....but can he???he always look like cool & macho guy.....huhuhu....hope it turn out well, tp tengok mcm my charismatic yunho dlm drama jd jenis main2....maybe hyun joon can do it too....huhuhu

p/s:kimi wo petto, antara drama yg mula2 aku tengok yg bawa aku addict balik dgn drama jepun ni....hehehe

ashie023 said...

hyun joong jadik wonderpet?ahahah
x sabo nak nunggu nih...ehehe

xXrucciXx said...

ituler..ambe takleh nak bayangkan, xtaulaa kalu die bwk perangai dia dlm 'we got married' tuh dalam movie baru dia ni...

tapi kalau baby Hyung Joon yg bawak watak ni pon ambe rase ok jugak kot..hihihihi

HuRuL_AiNi said...

ehhh,.....kensel...patut aku rasa mcm something fishy pilih KHJ watak yg payah ni...mana blh sebarang...haha

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