...i hate this...

Please stop all those fucking rumors and speculations about HyunJoong will go solo or will join the DBSK trio.
Whatever happen to these two boybands I will support them.
Although the trio are HJL's best-friends I still think that HJL should stay with the SS501 boys or going solo instead of joining the trio.

We know that these two boy-band are the senior idol in KPop scene, biasanya kpop band ni kalau dah lepas 5 tahun mesti akan mengalami situasi macam ni.

If these two really going to disband in the future, I just hope their friendships with each other are still good.

*kalau dah contract dgn company dah nak expired dalam masa terdekat, kenapa sibuk nak release album baru?

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ashie023 said...

what the hell is this??

HuRuL_AiNi said...

aigooo....ntah apa2 je la romours cemni....

urm...memana group band memang payah nak tahan lama kan....tambah lagi bila sentimen pada group tu towards the member...mcm dulu waktu krisis suju...semua nak 13 stay....i don't know cemner diorang deal skarang 3 dh x aktif

waiem said...


khai said...

uhu sbar noona:)

iena said...

OMG!! DBSK trio???!!
ape ni??
diorng dah berpecah ke??
ape dah jadi??

Anonymous said...

what will happen to those two bands.. i will always support them.

ss501 will never be ss401. nope! it cant be like that!

xXrucciXx said...

chillax.. this is just a rumor..

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