tag from Akira-shock

Hoho, baiklah.. aku kene tag lagi. Kali ni dari Miss Akira-Shock sempena entrinya yang ke-1000, habis dia tag semua orang.. hahaha

The Rules:
Using only song names from one artist, cleverly answer these questions. Try not to repeat a song title. You can choose whichever song title that suits the answer - or you can choose to put your iTunes on shuffle mode to choose the answer for you.

Pick Your Artist.

Are you male or female?
Love Like This ...yeah I love being like this, u know, being a girl..huhu

Describe yourself.
Everything ..how I'm gonna say? hurmm, ok i describe myself as a food lover, bcoz I like to eat everything as long as it's HALAL..hehe

How do you feel about yourself.
Snow Prince ..i think, I just wait my for prince to come and marry me, then go for honeymoon in Korea and play snowball..hahaah

Describe where you currently live:
Making A Lover

If you could be anywhere, where would you be:
In Your Smile ..in someone's smile..theehehehe

Your favourite form of transportation:
U R Man ..anything but, probably soon to be my man's car!! LOL

Your best friend is:
Find ..my best friend is one and only H, i don't think i will find another one..

Your favourite color is:
Stand By Me

What's the weather like:
Again ..it was raining this morning, then it stopped. 10 minutes later it's raining again..

Favourite time of the day:
Sky ..i am a night person, sometimes if I'm bored, I just look at the sky and dreaming..LOL

If your life was a TV show, what would it be called:

What is life to you:
Wings Of The World

What is the best advice you have to give:
Lucky Days

If you could change your name ,what would it be:
Bye Bye ..goodbye my old name.. LOL

Your favourite food is:
A Song Calling For You ..their songs are like foods for my ears..haha

Thought for the Day:
Never Again

4 コメント:

ashie023 said...

aku dah agak dah ko akan amik ss501..mula2 aku pun nak amik ss501, tp kumpulan ni, aku nye download lagu dia merata-rata..kalu cam shinee,suju ngan snsd,aku letak satu folder..mm..nampaknye aku kene atur balik ah..

mane ko duduk skrg tuh?making a lover?kat mane tempat tuh??

ko nye nama baru skrg 'Bye'?weird nye..ahahha

cool...bagus explanation itu.,..

Shee said...

hehehe TV show tajuk Wasteland.. program kitar semula ke kimchi? wahhh bagus.. featuring the boys kan tu.. making them all environmentally-friendly.. so please tolong bilang ngan mereka stop smoking too.. kekeke

xXrucciXx said...

lagu2 dorang ambe simpan dalam folder ikut album, tp dlm playlist campo je semua..so kalau nak dgr SS501 je taip kat search bar kt media player tu...walla...

xXrucciXx said...

hahaha environmental friendly la sgt kan...
selain YoungSaeng aku x sure sapa yg hisap rokok, yg aku tau Baby Joon je yang mmg confirm tak hisap rokok...

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