Kenichi Matsuyama

rite now i am so addicted to youtube, cuz i can watch most of the video, drama n movies dat i wanted to watch..sum examples like sindarela, sum taiwan idol drama, japanese drama, sum funny videos, and lots more...for da past few dayz i've watchin sum japanesee stuff, so i remembered the Death Note movies, kinda confused actually, so i decided to search n watch it..lucky me i found it..1st it's Dead or Alive and 2nd is The Last Name..kinda interested with L, one of the character, he seems interesting, a cool weird guy muka putih cam tepong gomak, and wears eyeliner..sgt gothic!! haaha..and loves to eat anything sweets..his face looks i searched on's KENICHI MATSUYAMA!!!!..die yg blakon Gokusen tuh...he's cute!!! cuter than Kimutaku..hahahahaha...i searched about him in DramaWiki..his latest drama is Sexy Voice & Robo..but in this drama he is not like 'stylo' punye jenis laa..die mcm bodo2 oklaa...

Kenichi Matsuyama in Death Note

Kenichi Matsuyama in his Photobook

Kenichi Matsuyama in Sexy Voice & Robo

hahaha..sapa sangke yg gamba nombo 3 ni dia jugak...

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