My Life Would Suck Without You

OK, jez stayes at home and surfin' the net..skang cuti raya cina n mid-term skali, sminggu je x lame pon..then i found sumthin interesting. It is Kelly Clarkson new album will be out in March!! n also got her new single out already..My Life Would Suck Without You. very catchy song and i love the lyrics. I wud say this is the best song after her Breakaway album in 2004. As far as I know, Breakaway is her best album rather than Thankful and My December. i hope her new album coming soon can beat her Breakaway.
hmm..i listen to this song many times today, cuz i found it's catchy and i almost memorize all the lyrics....but then i realized sumthing.......i have no one to share about the release of the song, about the lyrics, comparison bout this song to her previous song, checking if there's another version of this one. i couldn't find any of my frens who were really2 a fan of her..haihh, boring.....kalo dulu ade pantang ade pape brite psl KC mesti dah kecoh, siap poyo2 nyanyi karaoke, sapa hafal lagu ni dulu, sapa dpt info lg byk, sapa beli album ni dulu and bla bla bla....arghhh..i miss the good old days....
skang sorang2, dgr pon sorang, cr pon sorang2...aku dpt imejin bile blk rumah sewa kt melaka nnti xde sapa pon nak join dgr lagu2 camni...siap klua statement camni 'ko xde lagu laen nak dgr ke? lagu ape ni? ntahpape jek lagu." d'oh!!! x seni langsung jiwa dorg..lagu jiwang2 selow2 tu kalo dorg bukak ade gak aku layan....paling 'best' skali sume lagu camtu kt dlm pc aku, nk dgr pon dlm pc aku...cehhh!!~

yela, dulu lain skang lain...smenjak dua menjak ni plak aku xtau napa rase lonely sgt..ahh! bencinyer!!! bkn xde kwn ke ape, ade. salu gak lepak2 pegi huu sana haa ntah rs lonely tu tetap ade..bkn aku x share ape yg aku rs...share gak, tp x sume bende aku nk share...yela, dulu ade, kalo nak dikenangkan blk mmg bole dikatekan sume bende aku share kan org tu..huhuhu....kwn aku ade tnye 'apsal ko lonely? ko nak boifren ke?'....hoishh!! ape kalo lonely sume nk bf ke..yaiks!! x jugak..i juz need sumone to talk to or a shoulder to cry on..hmmm

then, i found this video..very funny and so gay!! ahahah..he used KC's song for the video juz for fun...yeah it's fun! but sadly to say i have no one to share to laugh about, ketawa sorg2 la..huhuhuhuh..

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