my saturday

today i went to uitm melaka coz having problem with my registration..i went there juz to see my lecturer...jln punye jln i met ex-classmatez for event class last semester who r actually my seniors..i asked them if they see our lecturer...xde jugak..adeyss penat..panas lak tu..keep searching,but none of them are there..demmit..mcm sia2 jek abes duit tol n minyak (bkn duit aku pon..haha) i decided to go to my old room n meeting my ex-roommates n level kinda miss them..they're all like my sisters...
i met my junior also, azmy a.k.a ian..pelik gak..ntah sesape je panggil2 dr jauh2...rupenye2 die..ahaha..hez kinda nice guy...leh aa ajak lepak2 wat penuh2 kan korum kan..
back to my happy to see them all...windu!..ekekek...ade yg nangis2 jumpe..alalaal...buruknye..ekeke..
wish them all have a great day n great semester...

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